Warren Diego

Warren Diego

Ever since I decided to leave my exciting women’s coaching soccer career in Tasmania in 1993, the Diegos have been part of my life. I may have been the adopted brother, but all the brothers have accepted me as their own. In all the graveyard shifts and at all the LIVE events we have been like true brothers, through the good times of Liverpool winning Champions League finals to the bad times when I divorced Liverpool for Bolton they have been there, a band of brothers talking together, laughing together, bagging me together about the game we love, the world game Football.

Wednesday, 09 March 2011 16:20

Fernando Who?

Fernando Who?



Interesting result on Sunday night, and not just because my team Liverpool embarrassed arch rival Manchester United.


The result was significant for two reasons:


1. The problem for Liverpool is that their best and their worst is too far apart, and until they address this they will not really challenge consistently. Having said that they are on the right track. Suarez is a gun and a player that you can build a team around (Fernando who?).


2. For Manchester United the result shows one thing - no matter who wins the title this year, and it will most likely be Man U, they will be the most vulnerable and perhaps weakest team in recent history to do it. This is great for the competition because for the first time in a long while the race for the title may involve more than two teams.


Finally I can’t finish without having one dig. For a man that has won so often you would think that he could lose gracefully. Well maybe not.


Sir Alex you are better than that.


Warren Diego

Cyclone Carlos - Full of Wind



The weather in Australia this summer has been unpredictable and at times tragic. But it did interest me during the week that a notable meteorological event occurred.


A cyclone was named after one of our own.


Cyclone Carlos was its name and somehow it  seemed strangely appropriate that it was named after the self-styled leader of the Diegos - Carlos Alberto Diego.


You see he has so much in common with such weather events. Like a cyclone he is usually full of wind. He can be potentially destructive but after a short time usually blows himself out, and most importantly, he like a weatherman makes predictions that are usually well off the mark.


But unlike a cyclone that passes in a few days we have to put up with Carlos for many years to come, and don’t we love it.


I have been very quiet about the Reds in recent weeks, but after 7 games without a loss under King Kenny it might be time to make an observation -  if the EPL had started on January 1st Liverpool would be in 3rd position. Perhaps the Reds revival is coming sooner than we'd hoped.


Warren Diego


Cyclone Carlos response: 'Warren West Ham 3 Liverpool 1 ....bring back Uncle Roy and Avram Grant for England!"

Thursday, 03 February 2011 10:46

In 'King Kenny' We Trust

In 'King Kenny' We Trust



They say that no individual is bigger than the collective - Carlos is not bigger than the Diegos, and Torres is not bigger than Liverpool.


This is not going to be a rant about someone that I used to love and now hate because he changed teams - it is just a pure statement of fact.


The loss of Torres, the best striker in the world at the top of his game, is I hope the last consequence of the failed previous ownership, and the misguided appointment of Uncle Roy (Yes Carlos you were right).


To be promised the world and fail to have it delivered would cause great disappointment, and ultimately a desire to leave.


But no player is bigger than the team, and as a Liverpool fan I have one piece of wisdom for all other fans of the greatest club in England “In King Kenny we trust” ......what other option have we got.



Warren Diego

I Warren, with a heavy heart, concede the title to United



It has been a while since I have put my thoughts into words, but with the way Liverpool have been going it has been better to say nothing, and refuse to put on record the words "Carlos you were right - Uncle Roy was never the answer".



It is not with great news that I write this blog, as on this day we have seen Manchester United confirm that at the end of the season they will become the most successful team in English Football.


Despite the fact that they have been unbeaten so far this season, they have not been a convincing as in previous title runs, but to come from two goals down against Blackpool at Blackpool proves that this team is for real and a chance to match Arsenal's undefeated season.


As much as it pains me to admit it they (Man U) deserve the title and now Liverpool can go from the hunted to the hunter.


I just hope we see a real Liverpool response in the next few years.


I will now go back into Blog hypernation until I have something positive to write about the mighty Reds



Warren Diego

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