Word of the Week: B… B… B… Brilliant

Despite the fact that this word tends to get overused in British film making and was beaten to a pulp in the Harry Potter movies, I love it because it is literally linked with the idea of shining brightly and standing out for good reasons. It’s also tied to the emotional warmth that accompanies the visually spectacular which is how I feel about Consuela Venezuela and Cameron Diaz.

As such, I want to pay tribute to the brilliant sight of those amazing crowds that made the games an even greater spectacle (as if the football wasn’t enough). Hats off to ye Adelaide, Victory, Sydney FC and Wanderers fans who keep reminding the World Football deniers that our climate change is real, is happening and is awesome. 

Apropos the game in Adelaide, Brucey Djite was again dangerous and though Berisha was lurking it was Victory new signing Khalfallah who did some fancy stuff off the bench and got Musky an away point.

The Sydney derby was unbelievably intense and Bridge, Brosque, Saba certainly added to the brilliant spectacle. (I need you to notice I’m also doing something with words that start with “B” or have “B” in them, ok?)

Gameiro again played shop window football and Arnold, again, got his boys firing for the last 45. I’m starting to think you only need to show up for Sydney FC games in the second half. Big Sasa and Janjetovic were certainly targets for WSW’s frontline and then for each other. Clearly, there will be a memo about the club’s new “cramp” policy at least as far as helping the opposition is concerned. They may also need to chat about brotherly love.

And the brilliant visual splendour was no less the case for all the 16 000 ish Melbourne City fans who turned out to see the newest team in blue do their thing. I went to this game excited to see Villa and Duff and was happily rewarded.. The last time I had seen Villa live was in Brazil when he ripped apart the Socceroos but I have forgiven him and am just stoked that he is here for a bit.

City was again sharp and fast in the first half but Newcastle absorbed the pressure then scored a sweet goal in the second. Caravella should have finished the game off for The Jets. Of course he didn’t and that man, Villa conjured a goal. City clearly has still got work to do at both ends to capitalise on its investments.

The other highlight of this game was linked to the joy of being up close and personal to the play at a purpose built football stadium with a beautiful surface. Brilliant.

I don’t know about you, but I think the A League boys are all passing harder and faster and more accurately which is even making the cagier games great to watch. The Nix were excellent this week and Burns, Brockie and McGlinchey gave Ernie a very happy ending, though I reckon I saw the team defibrillator come out with about 10 minutes to go as the Mariners managed to find something and get the Nix on the back foot and in runny poo mode. Great game.

And the light certainly continues to shine on The Glory who stole victory in front of a decent home crowd with new Irish signing, Andy Keogh finding the net with a hatrick that broke the back of Brisbane Roar in the dying minutes. Unbelievable.

Yep, another brilliant round of A League football with each team bringing something beautiful to the table. Which is why you don’t need to despair even if your team did lose … unless you also barrack for Sunderland … and are Brazilian.

Vinnie Venezuela

The Four Diegos

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