Who’s hungry?

by Vinnie Venezuela

It’s fair to say that I was quite gutted at the end of the 2013/14 season as no where in my head could I make sense of ADP wanting to leave the A League.

I know he said the word “project”, but in my book that’s bigger than giving someone a rose at one of those ceremonies. He was pretty special.

But then I thought about it and realised he was just an ingredient and not the whole meal … and that’s when I decided to metaphorically let him out of the boot of my car and drive him to the airport.

The season that lies before us is going to be huge for many reasons and the converted already know this. I think coming off a World Cup always adds something to an A League season and there will be a palpable buzz from the fans hanging out to see their boys kick off.

Couple this, with those Socceroo fans who got an insight into the world game and want to get a taste of the atmosphere on home soil and we can start cooking.

Then, to keep things sizzling, the fact that Ange will give any Australian playing regular and outstanding football a “look in” means that with an Asian Cup looming there is even more to play for.

Season 10 is a fantastic milestone for the A League and when you think about how well the Wanderers and Poppa have already done in the ACL, the fact that Melbourne City found a sugar daddy and are bringing Villa to kick it around, that Arnie is back with plenty to do to make Sydney FC actually “show up” and that Musky needs to win things with Berisha, it’s clear that the game is producing a plethora of compelling narratives for us all to savour. 

Let’s also remember that the Roar has well and truly rediscovered its mojo and that Gombau now struts the streets of Adelaide like a man who almost beat Juventus. And as for the pressure of delivering the goods, would you really want to be John van 't Schip?

 So many things to look forward to.

 Quite simply, I cannot wait.

 Vinnie Venezuela

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