Top 10 sure signs not to see a marquee player

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The exciting news that former England international, Emile Heskey, Japanese legend, Shini Ono and one of world football’s all time greats, former king of Juventus and the Azzurri, Alessandro Del Piero, are playing in the A-League this season, has most definitely sent A-League clubs and the FFA into a marquee player frenzy.

Everyone, it seems, must have one and they must have one now. The Diegos are calling for calm though. Signing a world football great in the twilight of his career is costly and fraught with danger. The strictest due diligence must be adhered to and no stone should be left unturned to determine whether football royalty from another generation is worth the risk.

Happily for A-League clubs and the FFA, the Diegos have done the ground work, conducted many many minutes of in-depth and thorough research and produced a list of failsafe criteria that the game should use to help us make a decision whether a potential marquee player will put a snap in everyone’s shorts. Here they are...

Top 10 Sure Signs Not to Sign a Marquee Player

  1. He has a double chin.
  2. He says ‘I will be your Del Piero...’ in the interview.
  3. As leverage in talks, he retires.
  4. Anyone who has strained a love handle in the last five years.
  5. He was a product of the Barcelona youth set up with Messi but has played his professional football in Cyprus, Thailand, Morocco, New Zealand,  Malta and the U.S College system in-between..
  6. Anyone who has listed as hobbies on his CV, dancing and watching Entourage. 
  7. Anyone who says that he ‘always dreamt of playing his professional football in Australia’
  8. Anyone who has sent you his highlights package on a BETA tape
  9. Anyone recommended by the bloke who recommended Mario Jardel
  10. If Clive Palmer promised to pay for him. 

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