Top 10 things that Besart Berisha can never be

Top 10 things that Besart Berisha can never be 

by Carlos Alberto Diego

Brisbane Roar’s Albanian goal-king Besart Berisha is a great player and his performances for the Banana Benders this season have made him the most potent prong in the Hyundai A-League. But by ‘losing it’ on the weekend, ripping off his shirt and challenging Sydney FC’s Dutch hard man Pascal Bosschart to sort out their differences in the car park, the Diegos fear that, by his actions, the man, who scores goals for fun, has severely curtailed his future prospects.

Inciting fisticuffs, getting nude and doing it all in front of a worldwide audience sadly has its consequences and here they are....

Top 10 things that Besart Berisha can never be:

  1. Albania’s cultural attaché to the Netherlands  
  2. A UN Peacekeeper
  3. The Dalai Lama in waiting
  4. John Kosmina’s anger management therapist
  5. The ‘After’ shot in Le Tan’s next marketing campaign
  6. Twitter moderator for Robbie Slater and Craig Foster
  7. The Yellow Wiggle
  8. Chairman of FIFA Ethics Committee....on second thoughts maybe he’s a perfect fit
  9. The bloke who calms Kevin Muscat down when he loses it on the bench
  10. The good husband in Wife Swap Albania.

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Love to hear your thoughts amigos.


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