Becky Wilson - Wonder Woman out to Wipeout 'Wogball'

Becky Wilson - Wonder Woman out to Wipeout 'Wogball'

by Carlos Alberto Diego

I’m not sure why I don’t know much about Rebecca Wilson. She says that she has been a sports journo for over 30 years (‘and a damned good one at that’ I can hear her scream) so you’d reckon that I, as an Aussie sports lover, would’ve heard something more about her.

I’m not familiar with much of her work but due to popular demand I’m about to bestow on her the much vaunted Four Diegos Soccer Hater of the Month Award. Forgive me if I don’t get my facts right but apparently, from what I have heard, it hasn’t got in the way of any article she has ever written about football so I guess she wouldn’t mind.

To prepare for the announcement I googled ‘Rebecca Wilson’ + ‘soccer’ and was blown away by a maelstrom of great stuff.

It was a wonderful, colourful cavalcade of reports about Bec’s hate, abuse and ill-informed comment by her on soccer; hate, abuse and informed comment by football fans about her and oh yeh …apparently she is the partner of News Limited boss John Hartigan – good career move mate…time for the Diegos to ‘turn’ for Frank Lowy.   

Those who know about our Soccer Hater of the Month Award know that we don’t just give this thing away to anyone who has an agenda against the game. We like to drill down deep to uncover the inner bitterness and resentment; the need to spew anti-soccer bile all over unsuspecting readers and of course, at its most primal level, why the winner hates ‘wogball’.

Sorry to be so frank on the last point but that’s what it’s always about isn’t it?

It’s the whole Johnny Warren ‘Sheilas, Wogs and Poofters’ thing all over again. We’ve seen it all before …an ignorant, arrogant, ill-prepared, narrow minded, ‘lemon chicken’ loving Aussie journo who wants to save us all from the evil of a foreign game that’s just not Australian … blah blah blah.   

In this respect ‘Becky’ is very unoriginal.

As a self-styled cutting edge journo couldn’t she have dug up some stories about a soccer player who had his balls licked by a dog on Mad Monday? A group of A-League player’s gang-banging a drugged up 16-year-old for fun? A scandal involving the Socceroos betting against themselves? An A-League salary cap rort or two? A peptide scandal that paralyses football? What about an A-league captain sleeping with a teammate’s missus? There’s surely an A-League player somewhere who is doing the dirty on his wife with a tacky Aussie bikini model and circulating the salacious photos on his iPhone to his mates? Now these are stories that say something about the culture of the game they emanate from.

Multicultural Australia renders Bec’s ‘They’re a Weird Mob’ view obsolete. Bec you’ve won the award but you’ve got to lift your game mate. The whole xenophobic thing is boring.

Yes Bec I hear you when you say ‘but Carlos soccer is a scary, foreign game racked with corruption, simulation and cheating - its unAustralian’ and that ‘all soccer fans are mad ethnic hooligans who, when locked up in a football stadium together, just want to cut each other’s throats’ (according to ‘Bec Wilson ABS statistics’ more people have been raped, pillaged and murdered at Australian soccer games than all of the world wars combined .... rumour is that the Aussie soccer war crimes tribunal in the Hague is Bec’s  next riveting front page story so stay tuned).

Becky, although left wanting on the creative writing front, you do beautifully meet all the award criteria:

Xenophobic – tick

Uninformed – tick

Unoriginal – tick

Journo with an agenda trying to get attention outside Rugby League heartland, Sydney– tick

Anyway Becky ‘Wonderful wondrous Wonder Woman working worldwide to wipe out wogball’ Wilson - for your fine but hackneyed work in the category of Soccer Bashing  - congratulations you are the Four Diegos Soccer Hater of the Month……now that’s done I’m off….there’s some ethnic violence I need to fuel at the soccer…Bec you want to come along? You might need your Pope Mobile.


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